Lux Bluette


Cheers Everyone! 

Life is incredibly beautifully complicated. Each one of us has a story that is significant, valid and worthy to be told. We are all human beings, extraordinarily created, and designed to live our life to the fullest potential!

I hope and pray, that by sharing my story through music, word and imagery, you will feel understood, comforted, inspired, empowered and know that you are not alone as you walk through this life.

Lux means ‘unit of illumination’ or ‘light’ and Bluette means ‘a short brilliant piece of music’. Without knowing the meaning of the first or the last name, my beautiful and best friend came up with it when I shared with her my deep desire to share my music with others to bring hope and healing. When we checked what it meant, we were speechless, because this is truly my passion and wish: to bring light, hope and healing to you through hopefully beautiful wonderful enjoyable music to you!

I deeply believe that music is our voice when we are silent. It is our tears when we are choking. It is our joy when words aren’t enough. It is our despair, our anger and our hurt when we feel like we are dying inside. Music brings humans together, it tattoos memories into our minds; it celebrates victories. Music gives us strength to overcome the horrors of the past and make it through the valleys of the shadows. When we are full of gratefulness, music lifts our praise up to the heavens. Music brings hope to the hopeless, comfort to the mourning; it provides the beat to the rhythm of life. Music creates a bridge to our hearts and restores our souls.

Please connect with me on instagram. I would love to hear your story and any of your thoughts and feelings as you listen to my songs or read my inspirationals!

With all my love, 



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